Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'm a bit obsessed.

So back in the day I was all over R&B and now I can't really get into it. However, Amerie brings me back, I don't know what it is but she does it for me.

I killed her first album, All I Have, her sophmore was ok, never heard her third and I am a bit excited for her upcoming release of her fourth album, In Love & War. I went on Amazon and review her 30 second sample tracks and so far I am digging it. It has the soul, funk that we all love from her hit single 1 Thing.

I don't know what it is yet, but as far as R&B goes, Amerie has always been on the list. I don't know why people constantly compare her to Beyoncé , or why does everyone compare any R&B artist to Beyoncé .

Who cares?

I dig this song, I know if any other artist performed this song I would hate it. But Amerie has gotten a hold on me... daaag.

(I was tryna resarch the photographer who shot her cover album and I couldn't get the source, anyone out there know who's the talented photog?)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been trying to shoot a photo a day, whether it is my dslr, analog, my phone's camera or even your phone's camera.

So I am totally obsess with my phone and its 2 megapixel image making skills.

I've been doing a lot of self portraits/portraits, but my fave ones are the blurry party pics.

I think I might do a project on blurry party pics, probably have them all mesh together like a collage, hmmm (thoughts).

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Grace Jones became Andy Warhol's muse during the 80s.
and I don't blame him.

I learned how to smash those bad habits

Thank you for that Dr. Ian Smith.

Chance Meeting

Duane Michals is such an inpsiration to me.
After viewing this project my mind had a seizure due to so many ideas that came about and so I went on and did a photo project similar to Duane Michal's Chance Meeting (above).This photo is part of a sequence. It's untilted and shot with 35mm printed on fiber paper. I scanned it with my ever so "lovely" scanner that made my black and white images, brown and white. gangsta


Hassellblad H4D-60.

60 fucking megapixel medium format camera. Now that is a dream! Nearly 42 g's, gasp!

I've recently have been shooting a Mamiya m645 medium format film camera and I love the quality of the images. I've been shooting 35mm for so long and got my dSLR about a year ago but the image quality from a medium format camera is mind blowing. I can't wait to get my hands on a large format camera. YES! Best believe I will be carrying it as if it was a regular 35mm cam, ha.

Yeah, it's totally worth the struggle.


I am thrilled to present you Machine Dreams...
Yukimi, Erik, Fredik and Håkan has done it again. I don't know what to do with myself, where did these people come from? How are they able to compose such brilliance? Their self-titled debut album Little Dragon was nuts, that was on constant rotation either in my iTunes, iPod, or stereo. I was absolutely obsessed, never got tired of hearing it, yup they are just that dope. Listening to their sophmore album Machine Dreams, I've realize they got inspired with 80s electronica, there is less soul and more pop but with those crazy beats mix in with Yukimi's vocals = orgasmic!

I created this playlist for you just so your pretty little ears can dance

Machine Dreams

There aren't many videos out for this album yet, but I found this one. Apparently Yukimi's pops did this creative production.

This is one of my favorite joints. "Blinking Pigs", a fellow YouTuber made her own video to this song. It's cute!


“These days humans seem more and more like machines as technology evolves, machines feel more human and it becomes fuzzy and beautiful and science fiction-ish. We feel dependent on our machines to create and live, and their sounds reflect us.” -Yukimi Nagano