Thursday, April 9, 2009

I remember when I use to dream big...

when the clouds were low enough to jump on
and the nearest star was only three blocks away from my home.
Climbing pyramids as if it was my own throne.
Walking through the great wall of China to fight off dragons.
As I sit near a willow tree in Finland, wind up in Ireland watching the rainbow over the horizon.
Raindrops mixes with the sun rays, dark and light.... colors came about and I grew to hold every crayon close to my heart.
Developer, Stop bath, Fixer, Fixer remover came into my life and it felt better than right.
It was love at first sight.
For once I never felt so comfortable staying in a room so dark, the power of creating spark.
I understand now why I was put on this earth.
God pushed me into this world blindfolded, so I will be able to help those who are blind.
Lens uncapped to help those who are handicapped.

Until the moment I fell handicapped...
I guess you can say that the creator has blindfold me, yet once again.