Monday, February 8, 2010

inspired by author/journalist/writer/an all around dope woman Femi Martin... I was drawn to write short stories again

she had put all of her homework aside and decided to dedicate her Sunday watching full online episodes of Sex and the City. It took her a while to find uploaded videos of the seasons without having to download or purchase any. The quality was not great but she settled. She felt powerful that she was finally able to watch stories of love and life, and not get sent down to memory lane. Carrie Bradshaw in the show bumped into Big while on a date, she watched the episode evolve with great excitement as she munched on her malt chocolate whoppers. It was every girls dream to be on a date with a guy and bump into their ex, however she was aware that this scene, is a only a dream that girls fantasize about. Out of 100 failed relationships the liability of this ever happening is 3.

She enjoyed watching this episode of Carrie confronted by her ex, even though it was a rather emotional and sadistic episode, she found it comical. Until the moment she felt every word, ever sentiment Carrie Bradshaw felt when Big had said his friendly good bye with a touch on Carrie's arm. The camera's slow motion effects made her drop the malt ball on her bed and touch her chest. As she watched Carrie look at Big walking away, she felt her eyes squint and her mouth slightly open. She had stopped breathing, and watched Carrie closely so she wouldn't miss the protagonist's next move. The scene was viewed in a long shot and Carrie's narrative voice echoed "I'm still not over you".

The last quote from the episode replayed in her head as she looked down her chocolate stained shirt and repeated out loud, "I'm still not over you".